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Streakfree Cleaning

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ABettor Cloth

save time, money & effort cleaning all surfaces without chemicals 

Clean easier, better, and faster with Abettor Microfiber Cloth, your household cleaning accomplice. Use it on mirrors, glass, stainless steal, tile, wood, windshields, cars, boats and RV's.

Abettor Cloth is a strong, washable and lint free material that has been proven to remove 99.9% of Bacteria. (Making it great for restaurants and classrooms.)  Yet soft enough to be used on any surface without scratching.

Chemical Free Cleaning


Save on paper towels and cleaning products! Not only are these cloths more hygienic, they avoid the need for expensive detergents.  The 22" x 22" cloth can be cut into quarters to create 4 re-usable cloths for smaller cleaning jobs.


Spot Free &  Lint Free

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Commercial Uses

Restaurants - House Cleaners - Car Detailers - Window Washers

Made in the USA — by the Original StreakFree cloth


Cleans Bumpers to Boats

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Wet with Water, Wring and Wipe!

ABettor Cloth works as well outside as it does inside the house. The cloth removes bugs, film, oil, tar, grease, fingerprints, brake dust, and much more. 

More pressure makes the cloth less effective, so cleaning dashboards, film from inside of windshields and other hard to reach places is now easy. 

wash & reuse it up to 300 times

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