Cleaning with Microfiber Cleaning Cloth is simple.
Water is the only accomplice needed with the Abettor Microfiber Cleaning Cloth.

Whether cleaning counters, mirrors, stainless steal or your car, all you need is water.

1.     Get the cloth wet

2.     Wring as much water out as possible

3.     Wipe surface clean.  Repeat this process if your job is very dirty or very big and the cloth dries out.


A Few Cleaning Tips

  • The gray Abettor Cloth is large enough that it could be cut in half or even quarters to be used in sereval different areas of the home.  Bath, Kitchen, Garage
  • Fold the cloth in half/quarters after to use as a pad. This gives you several sides of “clean” cloth to use before rinsing and ensures good contact with the surface at all times. 
  • Use the cloth from side to side, or top to bottom of the surface to be cleaned, rather than rubbing around the area. This ensures that dirt on the surface is collected rather than smeared.
  • For really heavy dirt, use wet before finishing damp. In some circumstances, such as heavy grease and dirty windows, use hot or warm water.
  • For cleaning light grease and dirt from glass and shiny surfaces, spray water onto the surface to be cleaned; then fold a dry cloth and wipe. 

Care and Washing

After general use, simply rinse the Abettor Cloth with warm water, and its ready for your next job.
Because your microfiber cloth will be picking up more dirt and bacteria, you will want to wash them regularly.
Washing Instructions
When Abettor microfiber cleaning cloth becomes so soiled as to require a thorough cleaning, machine wash in hot water or boil. Use light bleach to disinfect if necessaryTumble or air dry only

DO NOT USE detergent and DO NOT use fabric softeners: These can leave residue on the cloth and reduce its ability to pick up and be streak free.