Abettor Mini Vac Product Description

Small, simple and effective, the ABettor Mini Vac is the ultimate tool for all kinds of small messes. Whether you are picking up bits of food after dinner or snacks, cat litter or sand from your car mats, this little vac makes the job quick and easy.  One side has a rolling brush for picking up large pieces, and the other side is a reusable lint brush for the tiny stuff. The ABettor Mini Vac is the perfect size to fit in the palm of your hand, and because it's so compact, you can easily store it in a convenient location.

Because it works in both directions, you can clean any mess in half the time.  One of the main benefits of using this small vac, instead of a larger power tool, is that you can pick up larger, sharp items, without worrying of damaging expensive equipment.  Plus since the entire body of the tool acts as a storage container for the “stuff” you collect, you are not forced to throw away what you clean up. Therefore nails spilled go back into the tool box, Legos into the the lego bin and beads back into the bowl.  Simply pop it open and dump your collections back where they belong. 

Powerful and Portable

This mini sweeping tool fits conveniently in a glove box, purse, carry-on bag, apron or even your pocket. Keep one close at hand for small messes in the home, office or classroom. And stow one in your vehicle to remove crumbs from upholstery and sand from the floor boards.   It's so small, portable, and convenient that it makes the perfect travel companion for clean ups in your cars, boat and RV.

It makes a wonderful gift for a new home owner or your favorite traveler. The Handy Sweeper will work its magic for years to come without any maintenance, and at such an affordable price, it makes sense for any home. It's guaranteed to work right out of the package, and it will keep on working for as long as you own it.