In the Kitchen

Yes, The AbettorCloth is excellent at cleaning windows, mirrors and glass top tables without leaving watermarks or streaks, However, using the cloth in my own home and hearing stories from customers, there are so many things that it does really really well.

Microfiber cloths picks up more bacteria from surfaces than cotton cloths or paper towels, so its a great solution for counter tops, table tops and door handles throughout the house.  

Use it on all appliances, especially stainless steel and glass cooktops.  No water spots or streaks.

Wood or tile floors?  1/4 of the AbettorCloth will fit perfectly on your swiffer mop head for damp mopping all floors.


in the craft room

Now that the cleaning is done, lets have some fun in the craft room.  Besides cleaning and preparing glass and other surfaces for painting, using the AbettorCloth for clean up is a breeze.

I have found my AbettorCloth to be the best Rubber Stamp Cleaner that I have ever used. Wet it, rinse it, and snap it into a plastic stamp box and you have the perfect stamp cleaner that won't leave lint, won't splatter and cleans even Staz-on Ink.