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Return Policy

A full refund will be given for any defective products returned within 30 days of shipment.  Items that are return without defects must also be returned within 30 days. These items must be returned in their original packaging in resalable condition to be eligible for a refund. By returning your item, you agree to these terms and should not expect a refund if the item is used or opened. Returns can take up to two weeks to process. Please call us at 701-428-2822 or email abettorcloth@gmail.com and ask for a RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) number before returning any merchandise. Returns may be delayed or lost if a RMA # is not assigned. If the above conditions are not met, Streak Free reserves the right to refuse the return or to charge a restock fee of not less than 30% and reimbursement of shipping charges. Shipping and handling (S/H is non-refundable, and buyer is responsible for the return shipping expenses)